My name is Anton Kovalyk,
I’m an architect and the founder of the architectural studio Arhistation.

Let me tell you a bit about myself, since this information might be important for you. I am a Master of Architecture, graduated with honors from the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA). Put simply, a qualified professional. No short design course can give knowledge as substantial as can be obtained at the university, particularly with regard to design of residential buildings.
Honors: the second place in the nomination for facade of the year from Baumit.

Yet, this is just the preface. When I first got into a big construction company in my 5th year of school, I realized I knew nothing. It was hard, but working as an architect in an active building constructor and seller, I went through a tough school of life and gained real practical experience. To be honest, there were many aspects in the job that were beyond my control and were all about cost-effectiveness. For example, some innovative layout and architectural solutions were cut short due to the rigid peg against the price per square meter and reluctance to try new things. But back then I needed experience and practical knowledge; these were the reasons why I got into the company in the first place and these were exactly what I gained in my 2 years of hard and patient work there. We worked on both big projects in Ukraine, and on individual housing. I learnt to work independently, make decisions on my own and take full responsibility for them, and in 2 years I grew from an average newbie architect to a head manager in charge of a whole team of architects and engineers. At the same time I had projects from private clients for building and interior design coming in. Thus, the word started spreading. I liked these side jobs much better because they gave room for creativity and opportunities to implement truly cool ideas. Slowly I formed a whole team of specialists in related fields, and they became my good partners – estimators, design engineers, utility engineers. We started doing turn-key projects, creating a single documentation package including all necessary points, thus eliminating the clients’ headache in looking for contractors to prepare related chapters of technical documentation.

Finally, a crucial moment came when I felt powerful and experienced enough to unite a cool team of real pros under one company. Thus, Arhistation was created. Today Arhistation is a team of 10 specialists who tirelessly work for the development and improvement of quality in both drawings and architecture and interior esthetics.

I emphasize that we not only “draw pictures”; we are architects, and first and foremost we think how to implement certain design and architectural ideas and look for ways to turn them into reality. We don’t draw cloud castles; it’s a key point. Nevertheless, I think the main mission of an architect is to bring beauty into the world, yet make it practical.

Contact me, and I will be happy to help you personally. Trust me, we can do a lot for you, and you will definitely be impressed with the results.

P.S. Our consultations are free; the value of communication is not yet lost. Did you make it till the end of the page? Then go and check our portfolio, it’s a feast for the eyes.

Submit a request on the website, and perhaps, we will surprise you with a good price as well!