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We are so confident in our professionalism that we are ready to start working with no prepayments. We will offer you options for replanning an apartment or a house, with furniture arrangement, with no payments or fees. Before the project we will offer you to fill out a brief with your requests and expectations. Then you receive a price quote, and we start the project and deliver the results. You see and assess the quality and our approach and then make a decision whether to proceed further – that’s right, with no extra charges.
It’s that simple – we are ready to give you an opportunity to make sure of our competency.
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No need to make big payments – money is not our top priority. Have you had a bad experience of making a 50% prepayment and not being able to get your money back after poor project execution? Perhaps, dishonest contractors even disappeared? We offer you an altogether different approach: first get the work done, and pay later. We divide the project into 4-6 stages, and you pay for a certain stage when it’s completed. Such system minimizes your risks, since such payments are relatively small; plus, you first see the results, and then pay. No 50% prepayments and no waiting for a month or two “for the sun to shine” or for when inspiration hits the architect.



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Bonus! Design of the bathroom or balcony
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Bonus! The project of the facade lighting and fence design in the same architectural style
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Bonus! Furnishing of the site with furniture, decor, lighting, sanitary ware, finishings
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Bonus! The project of the stormwater drain and the drawing package for the septic system installation









    You won’t believe it, but we can provide all the solutions for any kind of project in a single package! All technical documents, starting from visuals and conceptual designs and ending with structural engineering chapters with the following construction of the building, including complete process management.





    Over the years we had to upgrade our skills in landscape design as well, since very often our clients ask for a complex house design with yard included. We are very scrupulous about what we do, and by experience we learnt about what plants suit best for a particular climate.





    A full scope of works in interior design with detailed specifications of all furniture, finishings, etc. Put simply, we’ll tell you what to buy, where and how, and how to save money on it. We do not just draw pretty pictures, we work towards the result, so we give you a full detailed step-by-step instruction on how to fulfill the design.

    A key point here is that we plan the space as both architects and interior designers simultaneously, since we see the future interior already at the planning stage. We have a specific questionnaire that will help us understand thoroughly what you need and want. Just tell us a few things about yourself and your hobbies. We can offer you an architectural and interior design together in a single package. Our big advantage is that we make designs as practicing architects and think through all the small details as interior designers; for example, we define where to put the biggest and the bulkiest cabinet or home library, plan the space in a way that practicality goes in hand with the beauty, so that once the frame is built, you won’t have to change the layout because the architects didn’t take the interior design into account and you can’t furnish the room properly. Already at the planning stage we think through all the details! Sounds simple, but one cannot stress the value of such an approach enough. Welcome to Arhistation!

    It’s simple, we make pictures. Not painting them with oil, of course. After we agree on the very layout you are completely satisfied with, we put it into an illustrative shape – 3d visuals. We developed our own unique cooperation system that allows to make conclusive realistic visuals in the shortest time possible.

    When looking for the best architectural solution and interior style we offer you 10-30 3d screenshots of the space that will help you envision the future dwelling, and after you approve them, we will make you even better pics of higher quality. During the whole time of our work together we will closely and frequently communicate to ensure the best possible result. At the same time, we value your time and won’t disturb you for no good reason.

    Now we can proceed to working drawings. An architect is that very irreplaceable and meticulous person who knows what glue is used for structural hollow clay tiles and why one needs cast-in-situ strips for bearing a hollow floor slab on a porous concrete or hollow clay tile wall, what paint is better for indoors and what underfloor heating is better for a house or an apartment. Moreover, they will help you deal with a foreman that suddenly lacks 5 bags of Rotband, even though you bought enough of it to spare. Let me tell you a secret: an architect should be a technologist as well, since one cannot create “pictures” without knowing how to build that “engineering marvel”. We know from firsthand experience how exactly construction works and regularly visit construction sites. So looks like soon you will have a full package of all necessary drawings for contractors, engineers and supervisors. You’re on the right track – good job!
    So, let’s get rolling! We offer you construction and refurbishment services; we have a few crews that can turn all our ideas into reality in the best possible way. We are ready to take upon ourselves the whole process of construction works, including the materials supply and furnishing. You don’t have to worry about how the works are going; we will send photo reports to your email or to your Viber/Whatsapp. Plus, with architect’s supervision you can be completely sure that your project will be built exactly as it was drawn in the technical documents. After all, we all know that the carrot and stick approach is the most effective one.


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    • We work remotely as well.
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    No matter where you are, we will complete the project fast, with good quality and professionalism.

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    The price quote says that the cost for the project design equals 1 to 3% of the total amount of project implementation, yet these few per cent mean everything! A professionally done project saves money where you can and should; reasonable cost distribution is a key to successful construction or remodeling.



    An architect that has never been to a construction site and never held a shovel in their hands is a storyteller. Our goal is not only making pretty “pictures”, but turning projects into reality. That’s why we actively participate in construction, study innovative materials and apply them. Brick is not enough anymore. And safety and sustainability of the materials is another important point to take into account.



    Housing is not a mass product. It’s not jeans to suit everyone. Therefore, one should not apply or copy other project blindly for their use. We strongly believe that it is only reasonable to draw a custom project for each client, since everyone has their own needs and tastes, so that as a result they have a comfortable and beautiful home.



    Eco-friendly materials

    Home is that one place for everyone where they can fully relax, their comfortable nest. That is why we put a great effort into creating a special atmosphere at home that would be beneficial for both physical and mental health. Ecological awareness is not a fashion trend, it’s a necessity of modern times.

    Architectural and interior design in a single package

    We value your time and nerves, therefore we are ready to take up responsibility and fulfill all your ideas at the same time. Architectural, interior and landscape design, all wrapped into one. Calculation and cost optimization for construction already at the design stage. We will help you save where you can and where you should.

    Style for easy and comfortable life

    We do not want money for money’s sake. It is important for us that you come back to a functional and beautiful home where you find all you need and more. We work for mouth marketing.

    What, where and how much?

    We give you compilations of furniture pieces and materials, so that you see for yourself what you can buy and where. We do not just draw “cloud castles”; we offer you only that particular chair or sofa that you can buy or make at a reasonable cost within an acceptable time.